Roleplay Rules

1. Respect and Fair Play
  • Respect others at all times. Racism, hate speech, rape, and sexual harassment are not allowed.
2. Privacy and Roleplay
  • Keep explicit roleplay (ERP) in private settings, such as your own properties.
3. Avoid Griefing
  • Do not intentionally irritate or anger other players with malicious intent. Griefing includes activities like consistently stalking a player to force roleplay.
4. Age Requirement
  • MRP servers adhere to ESRB ratings as a guide for age requirements. For GTA, you must be 18 years old.
5. Avoid Police Baiting
  • Value your character's life and freedom. Do not intentionally provoke law enforcement. Jail and fines should be taken seriously.
6. No Exploits or Glitches
  • Do not exploit or glitch any elements of the game.
7. Outdoor Crafting and Growing
  • Crafting and growing materials must be done outdoors; you cannot do these activities inside your house.
8. Vehicle Repairs
  • Vehicle repairs should not be attempted from inside a car during a chase. Ensure you are clear of any danger before repairing, unless you are standing outside the vehicle.
9. Apartment Usage
  • Do not enter an apartment to avoid consequences or organize "loitering parties." There is zero tolerance for wasting server slots or circumventing server rules.
10. Police Role Rules
  • Police role rules will be provided when you are accepted for the role. These rules are to be treated as official server rules.
11. Server Restarts and Crashes
  • Do not use server restarts or crashes to gain an advantage, such as immediately robbing a location after a restart.
  • If an RP situation was ongoing before a restart or crash, wait for other players to reconnect and continue the roleplay.
Administrators hold ultimate authority in all situations, and the rules remain open to modification at their discretion. Furthermore, administrators retain the prerogative to address issues beyond the scope of the documented rules. When evaluating a situation, the input of multiple administrators is considered.
Last modified 4mo ago